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    Welcome to the West Tapps Maintenance Company web page! We will endeavor to keep this site as up to date as possible thereby allowing you, our homeowners, to be more fully aware of all aspects of the organization. We will be adding documents and information in an effort to create a site that is a one stop shop for your information and documentation needs. Please do give us your feedback. This will allow us to craft the site to more fully meet the needs of you, our homeowners.


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In order to make your experience better, West Tapps Maintenance Company has made every resident of the area able to have a backend login portal to keep up to date of what is going on in their area, as well as to share information with your neighbors. Please take the time to login and experience all of the benefits.

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Architectural General Infomation

WTMC has two sets of Covenants and Restrictions which govern the development and activites that are allowed on any specific parcel.  In addition WTMC has a Sign Policy detailing the use of signs within the community. As a homeowner, these are availabe to you once you sign in. If you are thinking of purchasing property within our area, please contact the office, information below. If you are a Real Estate Agent and want to know how to utilize your signs within the community, please contact the office.

Before you start a project, please take the time to contact the office and find out which set applies to your property. We will be happy to help you with that information.

Generically, if you are planning on any type of clearing, tree cutting or building activity or home business you need to contact the WTMC Main Office prior to starting your project. There may be some requirements surrounding the type of activity you are planning.


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Information For New Owners

If you are new  to the WTMC area, here is some quick background to help you get your feet under  you.  WTMC is the homeowners association that geographically covers the  majority of the west side of Lake Tapps from the old Sumner-Tapps Highway   on the north to Emerald Hills Elementary School on the south. We have been in  existence since 1963 and are diverse in our make up. We are comprised  of approximately 1508 parcels contained within thirteen (13) specific  subdivisions.  Our dwelling units are predominantly single family  residences with some duplex, condominiums and apartments.  We have some subdivisions  that allow only small domestic pets and others that  allow  farm animals.  WTMC owns many acres of Greenbelts as well as  having stewardship responsibilities over the Greenbelts that are platted on many of the member owned parcels.

As an organization we have three lake side parks that are available for our members and their guests use.  Included in these parks we have a baseball diamond, rustic walking trails, tennis and volleyball courts and a half court basketball court.  We have a boat launch at Jenks Park and picnic tables at all parks. Our parks are  generally open between 7 a.m. and sunset. The current  closing time is  posted at each park entrance.  The opening and closing times vary  throughout the year depending on daylight hours, so if you are visiting one of the parks, be sure to note  the closing time for the day. More specific information on each park, the services available and the current closing time for all the parks is listed under the Parks Tab of this  website.

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West Lake Tapps Maintenance Company brings a new experience to all of our residents by allowing each resident to register and log into a backend portal online. This beckend portal will allow you to see current home values, get information about your area and Home Owners Assciation, as well as to better know your neighbors, events, public listings and announcements and to socialize and share infromation better. We strive to make a closer and united community by making information available as well as to open communication with eachother. Register here and get approved by the WTMC administration and experience a new kind of Home Owners Association.

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